The Future in Wearable Leg and Arm Weights

I’ve heard of weighted vests and ankle/wrist weights, but I’ve never seen weighted calf/forearm weights, called BodyTogs, like the ones in the picture. I’m a big fan of all weighted clothing items, although I don’t currently own any anymore. I used to have two sets of ankle weights, both of which are now in bodybuilding heaven and I’ve never owned a weighted vest, but I want one really bad. 😉

Weighted clothing is great because you can go out and live your normal day, but you’ll be carrying this extra weight and getting a constant workout. You’ll burn extra calories and gain strength. When you take those weights off, you won’t believe how much lighter and faster you feel.

The coolest thing about BodyTogs is that they are much slimmer than bulky ankle weights and the weight is distributed much more evenly along the legs or arms, which I’m sure is much more comfortable to the wearer as well.

According to the manufacturers, wearing these for 10 hours a day is equivalent to about a 2 mile run. That’s not half bad! The weights are also rust-proof and hand-washable, so don’t worry about sweating with these on either. Personally, I’d like to get a set of these just to workout with.

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