Fitness Articles of the Week #32 – Steve Jobs, the Orange Man and Coconut Whipped Cream

image courtesy of Danny Novo

Every weekend I publish a recap of the best health and fitness articles I’ve read over the past week. Here are my favorites.

“And one more thing” about Steve Jobs’ battle with cancer

A look at the conventional and alternative medicine methods Steve Jobs used to try to treat his cancer. Basically, it’s hard to say if any of the methods he used or didn’t use, could have, or if they did help him.

5 Ingenious Injury Recovery Strategies

I injured my shoulder a few months ago and I decided to do absolutely nothing for an entire month, because it wasn’t getting better. Finally, I decided that I needed to do some rehabilitative exercises to strengthen the area. I felt the progress within only a couple of days.

Intermittent Fasting Calculator

I’ve never tried intermittent fasting (IF), but I’ve always been interested. With this new IF calculator, you’ll be able to figure out exactly how many calories you should be consuming during this dietary program.

The 8 Habits of Healthy Living

I agree completely with this list. I’ve lived by all of these rules for years. I quit smoking a little over a year ago and became vegan 4 months ago. I’ve never felt healthier.

Sports Are 80 Percent Mental: Apolo Ohno Trains His Legs And His Mind For The NYC Marathon

It’s interesting how a top-level athlete in one sport can find another sport to be so difficult. This reminds me when I went snow-shoeing a couple years ago and how difficult it was for me, and I as I stood there gasping for air, a skier walks straight up the mountain like it was nothing. WTH?!

Squatmeggedon – All Things Squatting

There’s a lot to learn about squats here. Read this and make sure you’re doing squats properly. I actually learned some things myself.

Why I Hate the Deadlift

This is a long article about why this guy hates doing the deadlift, which is a fun read and all, but there are tons of great tips right after the rant. There are tips on both Sumo and Conventional deadlifts from 25 people.

The Blueprint To Getting Big

Provided by Muscle & Fitness, this protocol has supposedly been used successfully with thousands of clients. I’m not much of a fan of routines like this anymore because I feel like it’s a bit of overkill for most people, but it looks fun.

Coconut Whipped Cream

Mmmm, this sounds tasty. It’s hard to find vegan whipped cream, but now I can simply make it myself. It only takes coconut milk, a little powdered sugar and vanilla.

A New Form Is All You Need To Avoid Running Injuries

Here’s an interesting method designed to correct your running form.

The Orange Man

This is a scary look at people who have paid the price for seeking alternative medicine rather than working with conventional doctors in treating their tumors.

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