Fitness Articles of the Week #30 – Female Vegan Bodybuilding, Pet B12 Deficiency, and Hot Peppers

Every weekend I publish a recap of the best health and fitness articles I’ve read over the past week. Here are my favorites.

Q&A With a Female Vegan Bodybuilder

Amanda Riester has been a vegetarian since kindergarten and cut dairy out of her diet two years ago. She’s in awesome shape, and considering that she works out 6 days a week with 45 minutes of cardio and 90 minutes of weight training per day, it’s no wonder. You can also check out her bio at

What To Do Before Ironman

Excellent tips on nutrition and training before an Ironman, or any type of race for that matter. Basically, don’t change your diet and risk digestion problems and don’t train heavy for several days before the race.

What People Think Vegans Eat Infographic

I have to admit that I sure do love the taste of grass, but I also love pizza, french fries, bagels, tacos and everything else everyone eats.

Barefoot Shoes More Effective When Running Style Is Correct

Interesting study. I’ve read lots of personal stories from people who claim that their Vibrams have fixed their form, but I wonder if it really has.

B12 Deficiency in Near-Vegan Dog

While both me and my fiance are vegan, our dogs are not. We had them on a vegan diet for a couple months, but we decided to put them back on their old diet, just to be safe. If you decide to put your pets on a vegan diet, make sure they get enough B12.

Spinach Raspberry Flaxseed Oil Shake

She says you can’t even taste the spinach, so I’d really like to try this shake. I need to get more veggies into my system too.

101 Cycling Workouts: Improve Your Cycling Ability While Adding Variety to Your Training Program

This is just a link to a book I came across on Amazon that I now want. I really want to pick up a bicycle trainer to train during the winter months and I was really worried about getting bored. This sounds like a good answer to that problem.

Relieve Headaches with Hot Peppers

Not just any pepper will do the job. Search for peppers with higher capsaicin content, such as the Habanero or Tabasco Chili.

Gamers Make Great Bodybuilders

Interesting! If more gamers would give bodybuilding a try, maybe they’d find that they would really enjoy it. I’m an avid gamer and I agree that a lot of the psychological aspects mentioned in this article apply to me.

How Much To Eat To Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat? Lean = Good & Chubby = Bad

Interesting take on the issue of bulking up. Makes sense though.

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