The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #140 – The Acupuncture Myth, 11 Expert Tips On Fighting a Cold, and How Cheap Meat Results In Animal Cruelty


Puncturing the Acupuncture Myth

Are there any actual benefits to acupuncture? According to this article there isn’t. Even if acupuncture turns out to be only a placebo, at least it helps people who believe something is really happening. I’m not sold on acupuncture either way, but I’m going to continue using my Himalayan acupressure mat to help me relax before bed.

Wheel of Lunch

The Wheel of Lunch is a neat little tool built on the data from Yelp. You enter your zip code, distance and a search query, such as “breakfast,” “lunch,” or “dinner,” and the wheel will spin and land on a random place to eat. If you have special dietary needs, you can also type in phrases like “vegan,” “paleo,” “grass-fed,” and “gluten free,” and it will come back with restaurants that should have at least one option that fits those dietary needs. It’s most likely based on the words people have used in their reviews so it might not be entirely accurate, but it works pretty good from what I’ve seen.

World’s Leading Experts Reveal 11 Top Tips For Bulletproofing Your Body From Colds And Flus

I love how different all of these tips are. This isn’t the typical generic advice you’d find on WebMD or what you’d get from a family physician. This is expert advice from people who do real research. The recommendations from Dr. David Minkoff made me laugh because of how specific it is.

Go With Your Gut And Try Coconut Milk Kefir (Recipe)

I’ve never tried kefir. I’ve seen a lot of articles that talk about the benefits of kefir, so I really want to try making my own, although the “sour” description doesn’t sound too appetizing and the chunky look of it doesn’t seem so good either, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Animal Cruelty Is the Price We Pay for Cheap Meat

This is a long, but excellent article about how the factory farm industry works. In short, factory farms are disgusting, inhumane and heartless organizations who hire people with the same characteristics. I’m vegan, but I realize that not everyone wants to give up meat, so I always try to push people in the direction of purchasing from local, humane, and sustainable farms who let their animals live naturally.

We ‘Mirin Vol. 49: Quadzillas

Need some inspiration to get your legs in tip-top shape? Check out this post of 20 bodybuilders with amazing quads. I am in awe of ever person I this post.

The Best Kept Secret: Why People HAVE to Squat Differently

I don’t know why, but it bothers me that the author keeps saying “bony” instead of “bone,” but nonetheless, this is an excellent article. Lots of people say that we all have to squat a certain way, but as the pictures in this post clearly point out, not everyone has the bone anatomy to be able to do certain types of squats. If you’re not able to squat a certain way, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your hip anatomy though, it could also be mobility issues, or both.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #132 – Vegan Cookbooks for Athletes, Poop Pills To Fix Your Gut and Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie


I missed my regular update last week, but It’s been such a busy couple of weeks that I just haven’t had time to read. We had a baby shower last weekend which required finally painting the house the way my wife has wanted it to look for years, cleaning EVERYTHING (the carpet, bathrooms, etc.), decorating the house for the baby shower, and preparing food. I’m so happy the baby shower is over with. Hopefully I can get back to a more relaxed schedule again. I guess this hectic lifestyle is something I should get used to though, with a baby coming in just a couple more months.

On to the update. Here’s what I’ve been reading lately.

Best Vegan Cookbooks for Athletes

Another post from No Meat Athlete this week. This one is awesome because it has a whole bunch of books that are both vegan and really healthy. There are lots of vegan cookbooks out there, but a lot of them require using junk like seitan and other processed foods. There are at least four books here that I want.

Harmful or Harmless: Magnesium Stearate

I’ve noticed that magnesium stearate is in a ton of supplements. I’ve always avoided it just because I didn’t know what it was and I would never remember to look it up. Chris Kresser did all the hard work for me and explained it all!

Pills made from poop cure serious gut infections

The fecal transplant procedure is becoming so popular that someone has already created a way to give a “fecal transplant” simply by swallowing a pill. Dr. Thomas Louie devised a method to extract bacteria and remove waste from donor stool and pack it into gel capsules. The patient needs to take 24-34 capsules in one sitting, but they have no taste and don’t result in nasty burps since they don’t dissolve until they are past the stomach.

The Healthy (But Practical) Plant-Based Diet — A Typical Day

It’s cool to see what other vegans eat in a typical day, especially fit vegans who have different dietary needs to support an active lifestyle.

Gotu kola | University of Maryland Medical Center

I found out about gotu kola while reading an article about how to get better sleep (my wife is having trouble sleeping during her pregnancy, which is common). It sounds like an interesting plant with a lot of different uses – speeds up wound healing, treatment for stretch marks, reducing anxiety, decreasing joint pain and treating insomnia – but it also sounds like there’s not enough research to show that it’s completely safe.

The “Promised” 18 Week Protocol

I’m a huge fan of minimalist training. There was a time when I felt like I was doing myself a disservice if I wasn’t working out 5 days a week but after starting Stronglifts 5×5 a couple years ago, I’ve completely change my line of thinking, especially after seeing more progress with minimal training than I ever did with 5+ days per week training. And now with a baby on the way, minimalist training is going to be even more important.

Recipe: Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Topping

This sounds awesome! I’m definitely making this soon.

Simple Hacks to Fix Your Sleep

We already turn our phones and tablets to Airplane Mode every night but we still keep things plugged in near our beds. I can’t say for sure if it has helped me sleep better but I feel better a out doing it just because I know of the potential harmful issues. I might have to try moving the clock next.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #130 – Overcoming Running Boredom, Supplements to Restore Insulin Sensitivity, and Recovery Tips Supported by Scientific Research


Expert Tips on How to Beat Running Boredom

I rarely run because it’s just too boring for me. The two tips I like most in this article are listening to podcasts while running, which I love to do on bike rides, and doing a destination run and having someone pick you up. Something that really helped me was to buy the Zombie Run app for the iPhone, which turns running into a fun game of trying to outrun zombies.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

The author’s research shows that kidney stones can be prevented by drinking lemon water, getting appropriate amounts of vitamins A, D & K2, supplementing with magnesium, moderating salt intake, stopping carb restriction, and reducing fructose. Easy! I’ve never had kidney stones, but I’ve known people who have and they all tell me that it’s the most painful thing they’ve ever experienced. I knew a kid in high school who already had kidney stones three times before 10th grade. I bet he wishes he could have read this post.

Powerbuilding: You Don’t Grow In The Gym

This article was written by Stan Efferding, a professional powerlifter and bodybuilder. This quote pretty much sums it up. “Lift heavy weights three times a week for an hour. Eat lots of food and sleep as much as you can.” He goes into more detail, but he keeps it simple. Eat a lot of protein and complex carbs, sleep as much as you can and workout 3 days per week w/ heavy weight – bench and dips (push), T-bar rows and chins (pull) and squats for legs. That’s it.

Lemon Juice, Resistant Starch, Coffee, Blueberries, Chili, Ginseng, Ginger, Mate, Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter Melon. Supplements to Improve & Restore Insulin Sensitivity #4

I just stumbled onto this excellent installment of a series of articles discussing supplements to improve insulin sensitivity. Tons of useful, and heavily researched info here. I can’t wait to see the last article in this series, featuring a finalized list of recommended supplements.

Cutting CrossFit a Break

Tony Gentilcore has written many times about his dislike for Crossfit, but this time he set out to discuss some of the things he believes Crossfit does right.

Leg Drive for Bench Press

I don’t think I have a problem with leg drive myself, but after watching this video, I want to try to keep it at the front of my mind the next time I’m doing bench press, just to make sure I’m doing everything right.

Form Analysis Episode 1

In this post, Bret Contreras reviews reader-submitted videos and provides form advice. He goes over the single leg romanian deadlift, deficit reverse lunges, hip thrusts, single leg hip thrusts and the sumo deadlift.

Bench Press More Weight with This Simple Warm-up

There are a lot of warm-up advice articles online, but they usually try to be all-encompassing instead of focusing on how they can benefit specific movements and exercises. This one is designed only for bench press, which I think makes it very useful.

October Research Roundup: The Recovery Edition

Researchers found that using contrast baths and cold-water immersion are good for reducing muscle soreness and decreasing creatine kinase levels, but that contrast baths are most effective. Their contrast baths consisted of immersing the body up to the top of the pelvis in one container at 8-10 degrees celsius (45-50 fahrenheit) for 1 min. then jumping into a second container at 40-42 degrees celsius (104-107 fahrenheit). The other study reviewed here shows that compression garments and/or humidification therapy both help improve short-term recovery between bouts of exercise.

Study on 90-year-olds reveals the benefits of strength training

This study shows that it’s never too late to start working out and no matter the age, there will always be benefits.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #125 – Homemade Probiotic Pickles, Lower Body Dysfunction, and the Return of the Food Replacement Drink Soylent


Naturally Fermented Dill Pickles

Michelle has been craving pickles like crazy now that she’s pregnant, but I don’t want her eating the crappy preservative-packed pickles from Target, so I’m trying to find healthier alternatives. I bought Bubbies, but she doesn’t like the taste of those, so I’m thinking that I might just have to make my own. It looks really easy and only takes 3-10 days, so it might actually be something worth trying.

The Deficit Deadlift: A Strength Exercise You Can Do Without

Holy crap I couldn’t imagine trying to do a deadlift from a six inch deficit. My back hurts just thinking about the injury that would come from that. Good tips here for anyone crazy enough to try it though.

Shoes, Sitting, and Lower Body Dysfunctions

Many people don’t realize how things like restriction and loss of mobility can seriously effect other parts of the body. Elevated heels can cause tight calves and shoe padding can result in decreased stability and cause muscles to become inactive. Sitting can also cause the glutes to become weak and inactive. This article brings up another great point as well – what are we doing to our kid’s health by making them sit for 7-8+ hours per day. Are any schools using standing desks yet?

The effects of pre versus post workout supplementation of creatine monohydrate on body composition and strength

It seems that taking creatine post-workout is better than pre-workout but I wonder what the benefits might be to take it both before and after working out.

One Conditioning Exercise Everyone Should Do

I can totally relate to the part of this article talking about old hardgainer advice of working out only 3 days per week and being lazy the rest and then having unfit friends question your fitness levels during a friendly game of football in the parking lot. I played in a field though. This actually happened to me and that’s when I realized that I needed some conditioning work included in my own personal program.

Holy Grail Hummus at Home

This is a recipe from one of my coworkers. She says this is an awesome recipe, so I’ll take her word for it. I wasn’t happy with the outcome of my last hummus-making experience, so I can’t wait to try this one.

A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

I’ve played around with intermittent fasting before and I really liked it. I can’t remember why I stopped. I should try it out again. Just like this article says, I got very hungry in the mornings until my body adjusted, but I found that coffee with MCT oil blended in really helped.

25 Healthy Alternatives to Toxic Cosmetics

I highly recommend reading this post and the one that Mark Sisson linked to in the first paragraph on 5 cosmetic ingredients to avoid. I been very careful about buying safe foods to eat, but I haven’t been too cautious about the cosmetic products I use. I just recently started learning about the dangers of the chemicals in things like body wash and lotion and how the skin absorbs it and directs it into the bloodstream, so this one came at good timing.

Dear Mark: Cable Machine Weights, Plaque Regression, Lab Grown Meat, and Swiss Ball Chairs

I’ve always wondered about the health benefits when comparing the differences between standing standing at a desk or sitting on a Swiss ball. Seems to me like sitting on a Swiss ball for long periods of time is just as bad as sitting on any other chair, but there is a benefit of activating muscles on the ball that aren’t always used.

Soylent: What Happened When I Stopped Eating For 2 Weeks

This detailed experience of a journalist consuming nothing but a meal replacement drink for two weeks was absolutely amazing to read. I wrote about soylent earlier this year when the creator wrote a blog post about it. It sounded too crazy to be real, but it turns out it’s true. This is something that I would love to see succeed – not as a meal replacement for normal people, but for people who struggle to get enough food to survive.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #122 – Why Sugar From Fruit Is Good For You, Construction The Right Training Program For You,

Here’s a recap of the best health and fitness articles I’ve read over the past week.

Making the Case for Eating Fruit –

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately claiming that too much fruit is bad because of its sugar content but nothing that I’ve read has been convincing enough in my eyes. I pretty much agree with what this article says. Sugar in fruits are much different than processed sugars, especially in how they work in the body.

10 Benefits of Essential Oils

I don’t know much at all about essential oils, but I hear about their benefits all the time. I’d really like to start using them more often. I actually bought some tea tree oil for some mold I found under one of my dumbbells in the basement. I’ve been too lazy to use it though. I really need to get on that.

Gil Hedley: Fascia and stretching: The Fuzz Speech – YouTube

You’ve gotta move around and stretch to break apart the “fuzz.” 😉 Warning: Don’t watch this video while eating.

The Feet of People Who Never Wear Shoes

Very interesting studies! And from this post I’ve also discovered a new product that I want – a cobblestone mat. I’ll probably never get one though, because $50-60 is a little too much for something like that. I just need to do more barefoot walking.

Fitness is Not Religion or Politics, and there are Many Ways to Construct a Good Training Program

Bret Contreras makes many great points in this article – you need to eat right, train consistently and you should to exercises that you enjoy. He also included a ton of exercise variations that you can use in place of an exercise that you don’t like.

The 21 Best Kitchen Tools, Grocery Shopping Guides, Cookbooks, Websites and Local Resources To Fuel Your Active Lifestyle

I’m quite familiar with most of things listed in this post although I did learn some new stuff. The Nourishing Traditions cookbook and the Eating On The Wild both sound really interesting. I also think I should start buying things directly from Nutiva and I think I need to set up an Amazon Prime account.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #121 – Using Coconut Oil As Sex Lube, Getting Better Sleep, and Determining If Deep Squats Are Right For You


Coconut oil: a natural lube

We’ve started using coconut oil on Michelle’s belly while she’s pregnant to help prevent stretch marks, and the other day I accidentally used too much and got oil everywhere. I was concerned about the safety of the oil being so close to her private parts so I thought I should look it up. It’s safe! During my research I also found this forum post about using coconut oil as a sexual lubricant. The posters say that the coconut oil may help with people who suffer from yeast infections and it might also be safe to use on latex condoms (although you should definitely be cautious, as oils are known to break down latex).

Skipping breakfast might do a dieter good, scientists say

There are many benefits of intermittent fasting, which you can find if you do a quick search on my site. This article doesn’t focus on those benefits, but instead on the fact that people who skip breakfast often don’t end up making up for the calories lost at a later time in the day. It’s a good way to reduce your total daily calories if you’re trying to lose weight.

Staircase Blocks

I’ve never seen these before. They look very convenient and super-easy to build. All you need is two 32″ x 8″ blocks of wood that you can cut “steps” into and you’re good to go. I don’t know how much one block of wood at those dimensions would cost, but it’s probably not too expensive. And as long as you aren’t lifting extremely heavy or dropping the bar on block, you’re probably fine starting with just one block.

Get Better Sleep

I’ve seen these massive posts from Ben Greenfield before but I haven’t read most because of their length, but the last couple he’s done have blown me away. I’m going to go back and read as many of these as I can. This one was amazing!

Q&A: Why Reverse Grip Bench Press?

If you suffer from pain from doing bench press, for example in your forearms, elbows or shoulders, try doing reverse grip bench presses instead. I’ve done reverse grip bench presses before, but not because I was suffering from pain. I don’t remember what the benefit was anymore, but I do remember that I couldn’t lift anywhere near what my normal bench was.

Do You Need to Squat Deeply?

I really want to be one of those people who are able to deep squat with good form, but I think it’s just not built in for me. I haven’t performed deep squats with heavy weight in about 2 months because of a knee injury I suffered while doing deep squats. I really worked hard to go below parallel and I put so much focus on my form, but then my right knee started to hurt like hell and it hasn’t stopped since. It has gotten slightly better over time, but the minute I do squats again, the pain comes back for several days. I still can’t run due to the pain either. I went to my physician and she says it’s not an ACL or meniscus injury based on the exercises she performed, but instead something called “runners knee.” I’ve been given pills for inflammation and a worksheet of rehabilitative exercises. As much pain as the squat has caused me, I’m afraid to do them again. That’s not to say I don’t want to though. I love squatting heavy weight. I miss it.

Top 10 Muscle Building Exercises For A Globo Gym

This is all you need. Most of these exercises are always in my routine, although I might add a few isolation exercises just to change things up and keep my routines fun. Here’s part 2 with some additional variations to those basic exercises.

Buh-Bye Horrific Chemicals!!

There are chemicals in everything we use around the house these days and I wouldn’t doubt if they are part of the reasons why more people suffer from health conditions like cancer or developmental issues. That’s why we try to use only homemade or natural cleaners, and why I just bought a hand steamer (no chemicals at all!)

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #119 – Easy Homemade Mochi, How to Understand Scientific Research, and Affordable Genetic Testing


I took some time off last week for the 4th of July holiday weekend and I didn’t do much reading at all. It was also a really busy week after announcing to my friends and family that we were having a baby, which then gave me the freedom to finally launch my new vegan parenting website. It’s all set up now and hopefully I can back to my normal reading schedule 🙂

I did manage to read a little bit over the past couple of weeks and here are the few articles that I really found interesting.

Simple Recipe: Super Soft Mochi

I read about mochi in The Better Baby Book and looked it up. I’ve actually had this once before from World Market, but I didn’t remember what it was called. I saw it at the store and since I’ve never had it before, I just randomly decided to buy a package of the green tea flavored mochi. It was pretty good. Now I can make my own and I’ll know exactly what’s going in it. You can cheat and make it in the microwave too. That’s what I did. 😉 I used the ingredients from the recipe at Frock Files but used the microwave instructions for mochi here. It’s super easy! I would recommend letting it cool for about 20 minutes so that it’s easier to cut.

Possibility Of First Head Transplant Fraught With Ethical And Medical Dilemmas

This would be amazing and absolutely terrifying at the same time. I really don’t know how I feel about this. The mention of acquiring healthy bodies on the black market sounds straight out of a horror film. But imagine the lives a procedure like this could benefit for people who have muscular dystrophy or some other sort of disorder. Could you picture yourself waking up one day with your head on a different body?

How to Read and Understand Scientific Research

I learned a lot about reading and understanding scientific research when I attended the health and fitness bloggers conference last year and it has helped me a ton when making changes to my own health. If you like to do your own research or if you like to write about health and nutrition, you should definitely read this article.

Make Your Own Non Toxic Cleaning Kit!

Removing and replacing the toxic chemicals we use in and around our home is important to us (me and my partner), and is something we’ve been really been working on doing lately, especially now that we’re having a baby 🙂

Comparing Vinegar Weed Killer Recipes

I had a sprayer that I bought from Home Depot last summer that I had planned to use to fertilize my garden, but I never researched a fertilizer recipe because my garden has always done well enough without it. So when I saw this, I decided to try recipe #3 because I have a huge problem with weeds but I can’t bring myself to use Roundup anymore because not only is it toxic, but it’s also a Monsanto product. On Monday I used the weed whacker to chop everything down and then I sprayed it. Let’s hope it works!

23andMe – Genetic Testing for Health, Disease & Ancestry

One of my coworkers is a health geek just like me and he brought this site to my attention. I’ve really been wanting to do something like this, but all the tests I’ve found are just a little too pricey, but 23andMe costs only $99. That’s definitely affordable. These tests can find your risks for health conditions, conditions you may pass on to your children, and drugs sensitivities you may have – all based on your genes! They will also keep you updated on new science discoveries that pertain to your DNA.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #118 – Taco Flavored Kale Chip Recipe, How Vegans Can Boost Metabolism, and a Remedy for Insomnia


Here’s a recap of the best health and fitness articles I’ve read over the past week.

Spicy Taco Flavored Kale Chips

A coworker sent this to me but I haven’t tried it yet. I love plain ol’ homemade kale chips using olive oil, salt and sometimes cayenne, so I’m sure I’ll love these. Very gourmet!

My Unexpected Journey into PubMed

If you love doing research and if you’ve ever thought about trying to get a study published, there are some helpful tips for first-timers here. Some researcher I am though, I didn’t even know about jissn. It’s open-access and all articles are freely available to everyone and without registration. Cool!

This DIY Treadmill Desk Helps You Stay Fit While You Work

I would have never thought about buying a simple adjustable workbench to use as a standing desk. It’s not likely that I’ll set up a treadmill desk, but a simple standing desk would be awesome.

Increase Metabolism on a Vegan Diet

I never thought much about my body temperature being regulated by the food I eat but I get it checked regularly as part of my blood donation routine and I’m normal (usually around 98.4). I’m interested in seeing how some of my other vegan friends test.

Spybike and Spylamp bicycle GPS trackers

My local news station ran an investigative story about how bike thieves will steal pretty much any bike and they used the SpyLamp from this company to track down the thieves. I want one! It’s a GPS built right into a working taillight which will notify you by text messages if your bike moves.

Can’t Fall Back Asleep? “Sleepy Dust”—An Unconventional Nutritional Remedy for Insomnia

I don’t wake up in the middle of the night very often but it does happen occasionally. It happened just last weekend actually, but I don’t mind too much when I don’t have to work the next day. I wish I would’ve known about this a long time ago. Al you need is 5 tbsp organic cane sugar, 1 tbsp sucanat/rapadura, and 2 tsp. real sea salt. Easy! When you need it just take a pinch of your mixture.

16 Foods That’ll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps

We’ve grown only green onions from their scraps here at our house. We love it! I can’t wait to try these other ideas.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #117 – Homemade Non-GMO Corn Tortillas, Safe Sunscreens and Toxic Tampons


Here’s a recap of the best health and fitness articles I’ve read over the past week.

In search of non-GMO corn tortillas

I’ve been doing my best to avoid GMOs and non-organic foods in addition to gluten, so in those regards, I’ve stopped eating flour tortillas. I’ve been buying organic tortillas from my local health food store, but I don’t believe they are non-GMO, which led me to search the web for a brand that is and in my search I came across this recipe. It sounds really easy and Bob’s Red Mill Masa Harina is really cheap too.

Whistle Activity Monitor for Dogs

Whistle is a technology company dedicated to creating products that benefit the health of pets. Their first product, The Whistle Activity Monitor, is like a FitBit but for dogs. The Whistle attaches to your pet’s collar, collects data on activity and provides a report for you or your veterinarian so that you can make informed healthcare decisions. The Whistle will cost 99.95 and can be preordered right now. I don’t know when it will officially launch.

BPA, the plastic food packaging, may be partially responsible for obesity

Yet another study showing the negative health effects of consuming foods that have come into contact with BPA. I don’t know if all of my Tupperware is BPA-free but after reading this I’m finally going to go through all of my containers and make sure.

Sun protection and safe sunscreen tips

I’m one of those people who never use sunscreen even though I know I should. It’s not because I want a tan or anything like that. I’m just lazy. There’s a handy list of safe sunscreens at the end of this article if you want to jump right to it. I like the Kiss My Face brand because they don’t test on animals so I’ll probably pick up a bottle of that.

One set, not three, is enough for strength gains over a 10-week session, says new research

If three sets of an exercise resulted in the same outcome as one set, which option would you rather do? I’m guessing you’d do one set and get the hell out of the gym. Well this study shows that one set actually could be better than three. I think this is basically what Doug McGuff, MD has been teaching for a while now.

Anti-smoking medication shows promise for treating alcohol dependence

I love seeing studies like this. It’s so cool that a drug that was created for one purpose also works to treat other illnesses. Science! I have two family members who struggle with alcoholism so hopefully this study results in something bigger.

Chipotle Starts Labeling GMO Ingredients On Website Menu

I’m a big fan of Chipotle, but now that I know that most of their menu consists of GMO ingredients, I probably won’t be eating there much anymore. If I avoid GMO’s at Chipotle, I can eat black beans, guacamole, lettuce, and any of their salsas. I can’t eat their tortillas, tacos, chips or rice. Also, I really hate when people call Chipotle, Chipoltay, like the guy in this video does. I hate it almost as much as GMOs.

Toxic Tampons: Feminine Hygiene Alternatives

Not being a woman myself, I would have never thought about this, but I’m sending this to my significant other for sure. I care about her health as much as I do mine.

The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #115 – Wifi May Be Harmful To Your Health, Mastering the Squat and the Health Benefits of Smoking


Danish Students Attract International Attention with Cress and Wifi Experiment

Whoa, I’m not sleeping with my phone next to my bed anymore. Or I’ll at least put my phone in airplane mode from now on. I’ve been using airplane mode all week so far. I was thinking about unplugging my router before bed, but I wonder if it would be better to put it on a plug-in timer. I’ll just have to set it late enough so that it doesn’t mess with our internet use on the weekends.

Five Best Exercise Headphones

I’ve never had luck with earphones when exercising until I found these Sennheiser MX85 Sport Series II Twist to Fit Earbuds on Amazon. I’ve put those things through some strenuous workouts and I’ve never had a problem. They have made my ears a little sore though on some of my longer bike rides. They also don’t have a mic or in-line controls.

Master the Squat

Another fantastic article to help you work on your squat technique. There are a lot of technical tips here, warm-up info and even some notes on additional exercises to help supplement the squat exercise. I love the section on modifying squat stances based on leg and back length.

Growing glutes without growing the legs

I’m sure many women worry about their legs getting too muscular when they start doing exercises like squats and deadlifts. This article explains how to prevent that from happening while still being able to workout the glutes. Personally, I love women with strong muscular legs. 😉

The Health Benefits of Smoking

If there is an article that requires being as open-minded as possible, this would have to be it. Could you imagine smoking tobacco for the health benefits? In addition to what the author discusses, if you click some of the links near the end of the article, you can see that nicotine may help in treatment for schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and people with autoimmune diseases. It can prevent cartilage deterioration and can stimulate cognitive function and creativity. I don’t plan on ever smoking again, but to all of my smoking friends, I will definitely recommend that they switch to roll-your-own, organic, additive free, pure tobacco. And if they can afford it, to smoke it in a vaporizer.