Are the Results from P90X Infomercials Realistic?


Deciding on purchasing the P90X program is a difficult economic decision – at least it was for me. $120 isn’t a whole lot of money, but it is when you don’t know if the program actually works. The infomercials and the website both make results seem too good to be true and for a lot of people it probably is.

But, I can tell you from my own experience that P90X is absolutely worth the cost.

The first time I went through the program I couldn’t believe how hard it was, and I had been working out regularly for the past year and half before starting. I lost quite a few pounds and gained a lot of muscle. I still didn’t look like one of the guys from the commercial, but I was extremely happy with my results.

Although I didn’t see the same results that the success stories from the website did, I do believe that you are able to if you work hard enough.

I’ll be completely honest and tell you why I didn’t see massive changes. First of all, I didn’t stick with the nutrition guide that came with P90X and secondly I took two long breaks during the middle of the program.

I purchased a lot of the ingredients for the recipes in the nutrition guide and stuck with the meal plan for about a month. I ended up getting tired of preparing all of those meals and then I let my diet fall apart. I still ate healthy for the most part but I would cheat often and I didn’t count my calories. I would also have the occasional beer or two on the weekend with friends and that can seriously add up.

Then, after about four weeks I felt like I needed a break, so I took two weeks off. I did this again after the eighth week. I was still working out at least three times a week doing other routines, but I think sticking with the program the way it was built is key to seeing the best results.

I then went through the program a second time, this time at a much more serious level. I decided not to use the nutrition guide, but I did count my calories and ate much healthier. I still didn’t give up the beer though 🙁 I went through the whole program without any breaks and by the end of the 3-month program I saw a huge improvement.

I wasn’t super-defined, but my muscles had grown quite a bit. I didn’t take any measurements before starting, but I’m positive I had added at least an inch to my biceps and my abs were finally starting to show. I never had strong legs or lungs, but I had no problem jogging for 45 min. after the program, which was unheard of for me. My fiance even mentioned that she saw a big difference in my neck and shoulder muscles.

While I don’t look like the guys from the commercials, I completely believe that P90X is worth the money and that you’ll definitely see the results you desire if you stick with it. I’m about to start the program again and I know I’m going to get even stronger and see better results than before.

And if you still don’t want to take my word on it, head on over to YouTube and check out the videos from people who weren’t paid to be in the commercials and don’t work for Beachbody. Lots of people have seen great success with this program.

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  1. WOW great post! ive cycled through a lot of crap to get a realistic point of view, im about to start and realistically im not a machine who can stick 100% to the meal plan.
    Im also a pretty big skeptic when it comes to before and after photos, so i appreciate the honesty when saying you didnt achieve the photo results , but you did achieve results you were satisfied with!

    thanks buddy for this! this is the first time ive ever responded to someones post!

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