The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #147 – The Benefits of Resistant Starch, How to Spot Bad Science, and Going a Year Without Showering


The Definitive Guide to Resistant Starch

This is why I still eat foods like beans, white rice and white potatoes. Resistant starch improves gut health, improves insulin sensitivity, lowers blood glucose response, increases satiety, enhances magnesium absorption, and has several other benefits. Mark Sisson also wrote an excellent follow-up to this post with answers to readers’ questions about resistant starch.

2 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself About Any Food You Eat

Ben Greenfield’s answer is “is it nutrient dense and is it digestible?” One example he gives is quinoa, which is often viewed negatively by paleos eaters because of its digestibility concerns but as Ben points out, the dangerous saponins can be removed simply by soaking overnight in a water and salt mixture. Beans are another food that paleos won’t eat, but I do because I love beans and I believe they are healthy with proper preparation.

Paleo Advocates Get Vegan Diets (and Saturated Fat) Wrong

Ginny Messina is a registered dietician, which means she knows more about nutritional science than most people. She also happens to be vegan and is an authority when it comes to healthy living on a vegan diet. She puts Kris Gunnars in his place in this post. The worst thing about Kris article is that he publishes data that supports his claims, but not data that doesn’t (yet that data exists).

[INFOGRAPHIC] A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science

Make sure that the health article/report/study/infographic you’re reviewing is worth reading by following these 12 guidelines.

When You Should Eat Your Carbs – Meal Timing on the Bulletproof Diet

A short video from Dave Asprey on why you shouldn’t eat oatmeal and fruit in the morning and why you should wait to eat quality carbs like white rice and sweet potatoes until dinner. Just make a cup of bulletproof coffee and you won’t crave breakfast anyway.

Lessons Learned From a Year Without Showering

I rode my bike to work about three times per week last summer. We had access to a gym with showers so it was great. We’ve since relocated to downtown Denver and the only way I can shower now is by becoming a member to an expensive gym, which I have no plans on doing. I was thinking about buying some Action Wipes but now I’m thinking about buying a biodegradable bar of soap and bathing in the river that runs along the trail. This was a very inspiring article.

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