The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #141 – Coffee Hydrates Your Body, Why It Takes So Long To Cure Rare Diseases, and How Bananas Cause Aggression and Anti-Social Behavior In Monkeys


Coffee Hydrates as Well as Water, Study Says

I’ve always believed that coffee was dehydrating because that’s what health experts have always said, but it turns out that it’s all based on the results of one study performed way back in 1928, which after further research, may have been wrong. Even Bonfils suggests not consuming coffee before or after donating blood because it can cause dehydration. I’m so happy to learn that it’s not true.

My Potato Project; The Importance of “Organic” – YouTube

This little girl’s simple science experiment explains why you should avoid eating conventional produce and should always try to eat organic foods instead.

Unblind My Mind: What are we eating?: Dr. Katherine Reid at [email protected]

I first learned about Katie Reid when she wrote a post for Seth Roberts blog that discussed how she reversed autism in her child by removing glutamate from her diet. I mentioned this post in my weekly update back in May 2013. I highly recommend reading it when you get the chance. I also wrote a review of this TedTalk here.

Rare Diseases – in Honor of Sam Berns

“Orphan” diseases are really sad. These diseases are so rare that doctors and physicians are often unable to recognize the symptoms and may ignore them entirely based on the idea that they may be psychiatric issues. And since rare diseases are so hard to study, and since cures for these disease don’t provide much profit to the pharmaceutical industry, there’s not a lot of research that goes into to discovering cures.

$25 Standing Desk Hack

DIY’ers are the best! I might actually do this because it’s so cheap. All it is a TV stand, the LACK TV Unit ($15) and the SUMMERA Pull-out keyboard shelf ($10), both from IKEA. The TV stand is 35 inches wide and 17 inches tall. I did some measuring and on my computer desk, which is probably standard height, this would place the top of my 20″ monitors right at eye level (I’m 6 ft. tall). Each of my monitors are 18″ wide, so that’s plenty of space to put both of them on the shelf and even if you have enormous monitors, this would probably still work since only the base of the monitor needs to be on the stand. Next time I’m near IKEA, I’ll pick these parts up and try it out.

Monkeys banned from eating bananas at Devon zoo

The zoo keepers at this zoo have removed bananas from the monkeys diets because they say that the bananas that humans consume contain much more sugar than the bananas that monkeys in the wild would eat. Since the monkeys are no longer getting so much sugar from bananas, the zoo has found that the monkeys are calmer, less aggressive, more sociable, and have thicker and fuller coats. Maybe humans should consider cutting back on bananas too.

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