The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #139 – Supplements for Lucid Dreaming, The Health Benefits of Avocados, And A New Open Access Medical Journal


Oops, I usually post my weekly updates on the weekend, but I’ve been so busy trying to get ahead at work to prepare for my maternity leave, that I let this update slip for a couple days. My wife’s due any day now! There probably won’t be an update at all that week…or more 😉

Recipe for Lucid Dreaming

I’m extremely interested in trying this out. All supplements are legal to buy, although Ben Greenfield does recommend trying at your own risk. I may or may not try this, but right now, I’d like to. He says to take 15mg melatonin, 300mg 5-HTP, and 3000mg L-Tyrosine. That’s it. Go to bed.

Brain function ‘boosted for days after reading a novel’

Proof that books can transport our minds to another world and the neurological effects can give our brains a boost for up to five days. Neat!

12 Free Healthy Apps for Freelancers and Others

I’m a technology nerd, so I always love posts that list a bunch of fun new apps to play with. From this article, the most interesting apps to me are Breathe2Relax, FirstAid by American Red Cross, MindShift, and Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite.

The Many Things Avocados Do For You (Plus a Recipe!)

Did you know that discolored parts of the avocado contain molds and histamines and that you can safely cut those parts out without having to worry about the rest of the avocado being contaminated. Did you know that the avocado closest to the skin his highest in carotenoids? There’s some great information here and an interesting guacamole recipe too. I made the guacamole and I prefer the traditional method for sure, but the health aspects of his recipe make it enticing. My wife didn’t like it at all, so fair warning. I think it’s the apple cider vinegar.

Hip Thrust with Resistance Band – YouTube

If you don’t like using a barbell for hip thrusts, this is a pretty cool method. I don’t have any heavy duty bands like she uses in this video, but they’re still on my wish list. I’ll get them someday.

eLife – Open Access Journal

eLife is a new journal featuring research studies in life sciences and biomedicine. I heard about eLife after reading this article from Randy Schekman, the scientist who founded eLife after he noticed luxury journal editors limiting the types of research they publish based only on its likelihood of being popular.

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