Fitness Articles of the Week #1

I read a lot of fitness and health related articles every day and I thought I’d start sharing the ones I find most interesting on my blog. Here are some of my favorites from last week. I’ll try to get these posts out on Friday from now on so that you have time to read them over the weekend. Enjoy!

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lift Wearing Gloves

Great article about why you should stop wearing gloves at the gym. I wear gloves at all times when I’m lifting weights. Maybe I’ll take a week off and see how it feels.

Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse: Everything You Need To Know

A cleanse sounds very interesting, but I always hear conflicting studies about them. This Shakeology cleanse claims to help you lose weight, cleanse the colon and flush out toxins, all while keeping you full. I’m not sure I completely believe it, but it’s interesting and might be worth a shot.

Crossfit Workout of the Day: Balboa

I’m a huge fan of the Workout of the Day (WOD) provided by various Crossfit gyms around the world. I can’t afford a Crossfit membership, so I do them at Bally’s or at home. This one is called the Balboa.

9 Ways To Ruin Your Sleeves

Guys want massive arms. Tony Horton calls them glamour muscles. Check out this great article from on building huge guns.

Kettlebell Circuit to Burn Fat

Kettlebell workouts seem to be all the rage lately and for good reason. They work. Check out this awesome kettleball circuit routine.

Kettlebell Training During Pregnancy

Another awesome kettlebell article about training during pregnancy. Looks like it’s a good idea!

Desk Fitness: A Series of 11 Simple Stretches

I like this one because it’s simple and something I need to include in my day. I sit at a computer for more than 8 hours a day. I should have put together a routine like this for myself a long time ago.

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