Guinness World Record For Most Weight Squat Lifted in 24 Hours


On March 22, 2009 Shaun Jones had began his attempt to be the first man ever to squat lift more than 1 million lbs. within a 24 hour period. He had trained for 6 years to take on this attempt and he completely demolished it.

In order to qualify as a Guinness World Record achievement he had to lift more than 122,624 lbs. but that was no problem for Mr. Jones. When the log books were totaled, it was announced that Jones had lifted 1,013,350 lbs and 6 oz. within the 24 hour period. Even more amazing is that the record was achieved on Shaun’s 50th birthday. Now that’s quite an accomplishment. I bet his legs were sore the next day!

Check out some video below.

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