Build a Healthy Diet With Colorful Foods

I read a lot of various fitness blogs and follow plenty of people working in the fitness industry via Twitter and Facebook, and I can’t say that I remember anyone ever really mentioning anything about designing a healthy diet around the color of your foods.

That is until Bob Harper brought the contestants into his home and one of his tips was to eat a colorful diet. He mentioned that eating a diet that consisted of a broad spectrum of colors is healthy, because those colors are nutrients. He said bland and boring colored foods don’t contain the nutrients your body needs.

Since then, I’ve been seeing articles all over the place about this. I’m guessing Bob’s words have had quite an impact. In fact, before the Broncos game yesterday, Brady Quinn mentioned that eating colorful foods is the best way to maintain a healthy diet.

Here are couple of interesting articles I’ve found on the topic. Both of these talk more about specific foods and the benefits they provide based on their color. The third link leads to the video from the Biggest Loser.

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