The Best Health and Fitness Articles of the Week #130 – Overcoming Running Boredom, Supplements to Restore Insulin Sensitivity, and Recovery Tips Supported by Scientific Research


Expert Tips on How to Beat Running Boredom

I rarely run because it’s just too boring for me. The two tips I like most in this article are listening to podcasts while running, which I love to do on bike rides, and doing a destination run and having someone pick you up. Something that really helped me was to buy the Zombie Run app for the iPhone, which turns running into a fun game of trying to outrun zombies.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones Naturally

The author’s research shows that kidney stones can be prevented by drinking lemon water, getting appropriate amounts of vitamins A, D & K2, supplementing with magnesium, moderating salt intake, stopping carb restriction, and reducing fructose. Easy! I’ve never had kidney stones, but I’ve known people who have and they all tell me that it’s the most painful thing they’ve ever experienced. I knew a kid in high school who already had kidney stones three times before 10th grade. I bet he wishes he could have read this post.

Powerbuilding: You Don’t Grow In The Gym

This article was written by Stan Efferding, a professional powerlifter and bodybuilder. This quote pretty much sums it up. “Lift heavy weights three times a week for an hour. Eat lots of food and sleep as much as you can.” He goes into more detail, but he keeps it simple. Eat a lot of protein and complex carbs, sleep as much as you can and workout 3 days per week w/ heavy weight – bench and dips (push), T-bar rows and chins (pull) and squats for legs. That’s it.

Lemon Juice, Resistant Starch, Coffee, Blueberries, Chili, Ginseng, Ginger, Mate, Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter Melon. Supplements to Improve & Restore Insulin Sensitivity #4

I just stumbled onto this excellent installment of a series of articles discussing supplements to improve insulin sensitivity. Tons of useful, and heavily researched info here. I can’t wait to see the last article in this series, featuring a finalized list of recommended supplements.

Cutting CrossFit a Break

Tony Gentilcore has written many times about his dislike for Crossfit, but this time he set out to discuss some of the things he believes Crossfit does right.

Leg Drive for Bench Press

I don’t think I have a problem with leg drive myself, but after watching this video, I want to try to keep it at the front of my mind the next time I’m doing bench press, just to make sure I’m doing everything right.

Form Analysis Episode 1

In this post, Bret Contreras reviews reader-submitted videos and provides form advice. He goes over the single leg romanian deadlift, deficit reverse lunges, hip thrusts, single leg hip thrusts and the sumo deadlift.

Bench Press More Weight with This Simple Warm-up

There are a lot of warm-up advice articles online, but they usually try to be all-encompassing instead of focusing on how they can benefit specific movements and exercises. This one is designed only for bench press, which I think makes it very useful.

October Research Roundup: The Recovery Edition

Researchers found that using contrast baths and cold-water immersion are good for reducing muscle soreness and decreasing creatine kinase levels, but that contrast baths are most effective. Their contrast baths consisted of immersing the body up to the top of the pelvis in one container at 8-10 degrees celsius (45-50 fahrenheit) for 1 min. then jumping into a second container at 40-42 degrees celsius (104-107 fahrenheit). The other study reviewed here shows that compression garments and/or humidification therapy both help improve short-term recovery between bouts of exercise.

Study on 90-year-olds reveals the benefits of strength training

This study shows that it’s never too late to start working out and no matter the age, there will always be benefits.

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