Fitness Articles of the Week #58 – Hip Thrusts, Shoulder-Friendly Presses and Sleeping to Lose Weight

Here’s a recap of the best health and fitness articles I’ve read over the past week.

Hip Thrust Instructional Video

I was just listening to the Weightlifting Academy podcast and the guest was Bret Contreras, who is known as “The Glute Guy” because he’s done so much research into the glutes. This guy really seems to know his stuff. I definitely want to add the Hip Thrust into my routine to help me increase my deadlift strength.

Protein in a Plant-based Diet: A Vegan Bodybuilder’s Perspective

A lot of omnivores will tell you that vegans don’t get enough protein, but this article will prove them wrong. I know how much protein is in the food I eat, because I track my food down to the macronutrients so I’ve never been worried.

Top Health and Fitness Apps to Improve Your Workout and Diet [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are a lot of interesting apps here. I’ve actually only used three of them; Runkeeper, Nike Training Club and Lose It!. Both Lose It! and Nike Training Club are great apps, but Runkeeper is one of the best apps I’ve ever owned. If any of the other apps are anywhere near as handy as Runkeeper is, they are worth downloading. Smoothie Selector looks like something I could get some use out of.

Intermittent Fasting for Beginners: The Complete Guide [Part 1]

The first article in the series covers all of the benefits of intermittent fasting and how I.F. is beneficial. The second part discusses the methods of I.F. you can use, how to get started and how you should go about fasting with considerations to your fitness training. I think I might try a few 24 hour fasts soon.

How to Preserve Avocados

I would’ve never thought to freeze avocados. I always want to purchase a ton of avocados when they go on sale, because normally they’re kind of expensive, but I know they’ll go bad before I get to eat them. Next time I see them on sale, I’m buying a bunch to mash up and freeze.

Why Women SHOULD Lift Like Men Part I

I’m not even a personal trainer and I’ve heard many of the myths mentioned in this article. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get this point across I was a personal trainer. If you’re a woman who is afraid to lift weights out of fear of getting too big, read this.

Bottle Drip Irrigation

I have a drip irrigation set up on a timer at home, but I also purchased a garden plot at my work for the year, which doesn’t have an irrigation system. Since it would be more work than I would prefer to drive down to my workplace on the weekends just to water my garden, I’m most likely going to set something like this up.

Square Foot Gardening: How to Get Started for $50 (Infographic)

This is exactly the method I’m using this year. I’m not doing my whole garden like this, but I have two 4×4 boxes that I’m testing out. I hope it works out well!fresh

7 Shoulder-Friendly Pressing Variations

If your shoulders are taking a beating from your normal workout, perhaps you should consider trying out some of these variations. I particularly like the idea of incorporating some of these workouts into the end of the routine to get a better pump.

P90X2 Results Transformation – YouTube

Looks like the P90X2 videos are finally starting to roll out. Check out this transformation video. The results are amazing. This guy definitely stuck to the program to a “t.” He’s a serious inspiration.

Use a “Sleep Diet” to Ward Off Weight Gain

Another good reason to get more sleep at night! Not only will sleep allow your muscles to heal and get stronger, it will also help you lose weight if you’re predisposed to gaining weight.

Light weights are just as good for building muscle, getting stronger, researchers find

By lifting lighter weights at higher repetitions, you’re not going to get as strong as you would by lifting heavier weights at lower reps, but it’s nearly as beneficial. I think this is great news for beginning lifters, people who are afraid of lifting weight, and older people.

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