Fitness Articles of the Week #50 – Berries For the Brain, Mood Elevation Tips and a Homemade TRX system

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Here’s a recap of the best health and fitness articles I’ve read over the past week.

Eating berries benefits the brain

The benefits of berries amazing. You can reduce the risks of age-related memory loss and other issues by including more berries in your diet. Who doesn’t love strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries anyway? Mmmmm, delicious.

Pre-Marathon Checklist: What I Am Packing

It’s interesting to see what someone packs for a marathon race. I have no idea what I would pack. I’d probably pack some of those Vega gels, that’s for sure. I don’t think I’d pack marmite and nutritional yeast though. Ack!

V e g a n D a d: Pizza Dough

I’ve had such a craving for pizza lately for some odd reason, and I’ve been thinking about seeking out some new pizza recipes, so this one came at a great time. I sure do wish I had a nice stand mixer. My arm feels tired just thinking about mixing this dough.

How to Create a Happy Mood

This is a great method to elevate your mood. It’s healthy to be happy! I’ve worked out with a trainer who tries to drive out anger and frustrations to squeeze more out of a workout, but that never works for me. It might for some people, but I work out better when I’m in a good mood.

How To Get Fit With 3 Minutes Of Exercise A Week: BBC Doc Tries “HIT”

Ahhh, the powers of HIT training. The article titles doesn’t mention the additional 6 minutes of gentle cycling, but still, 9 minutes total of training per week?! Good stuff. I’m going to try doing this as a warmup before a workout. Or maybe I should do it after a workout. Maybe I’ll try both. 😀

How To Make a Home Suspension Training System Under $25 – YouTube

To hell with the $250.00 TRX training system. I’m going to Lowes to buy what I need for less than $30!

Vegetarian cutlet: New method to prepare a meat substitute

It was big news last week when it was announced that scientists may be close to perfecting the replication of real meat. Now there might be another replica, but this one is made entirely of vegetables and is more likely to be in our supermarkets soon. This vegetable meat will be presented at the Anuga FoodTec trade fair from March 27 through March 30. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

How Much Fiber Should I Have Per Day?

Fiber is a very important part of our diets, especially for people who eat meat. I think this also something important for people who are doing juice fasts. Fasting can be great for your health, but can’t be sustained forever. No matter who you are, eat more fruits and veggies!

Separate Bananas to Slow Down Their Ripening

Oh the humanity! Just think of all the bananas I could have saved if I had known this simple trick. I actually ate a bunch of brownish bananas last week as everyone at work looked at me in horror. Hey, I don’t like to waste food! 🙂

Reminder from Italy: Get B12!

This is such a scary story and an experience that could have been entirely avoided simply by taking a B12 supplement. If you’re vegan, make sure you’re getting enough B12 in your diet! Jack Norris also updated his article about B12 in vegans, and is a must read for any vegan not currently supplementing with B12.

Video: What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Ramen And Gatorade

Watch this video and you’ll learn why you should stop eating processed food. The human body is not designed to ingest it and it’s just not healthy for you.

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