Exercise Can Make You Feel Full

You may have recently read one of my latest posts about how water can help you lose weight, with one theory being that it controls hunger by leaving you feeling full. Well as it turns out, a new study led by researchers at the University of Campinas in Brazil shows that exercise can do the same thing. The study shows that exercise restores the sensitivity of the neurons that help control satiety, which leads to a reduction in food intake and eventually weight loss.

It has been suggested by health experts that the neurons that control satiety in the brain send failed signals to the hypothalamus when a person consumes excessive amounts of fat. This results in uncontrollable food intake and obesity in more than 40 million people in the U.S. alone.

The subjects of the study, obese rodents, showed a decreased intake of food after exercise, due to signals of restored satiety in the neurons controlling their hunger. For a more scientific reason, the study showed that exercise increased IL-6 and IL-10 proteins levels in the brain, which increase sensitivity of the insulin and leptin hormones. These hormones control appetite.

This study shows just how important it is to include regular exercise into your daily life. Controlling both your satiety and burning calories is key to beating and/or preventing obesity.


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