The Soft Digits 46 in 1 GoPro Accessories Kit

I got this Go Pro Accessories kit for free for this review. I actually reached out to them myself because it was a product that I was interested in. They agreed to send me the kit, so I’m very thankful to them for that

Watch my video review or scroll down if you like to read 😉

This kit is $20.99 on Amazon, which is extremely affordable if you’ve ever looked at the cost of official GoPro accessories. For example, the official chest mount itself costs $40, and that’s why I wanted to try the Soft Digit kit out.

They call this a 46 in 1 kit, which is technically true, but in full transparency, the 46 parts consist of about 9 actual mounts and the rest of the parts are small accessories like extensions, screws, anti-condensation pads, and several 3M stickies.

There’s a lot of stuff in here, so let’s take a look at each piece.

Chest Mount

The chest mount fits on like a pair of suspenders. It’s very adjustable and fits comfortably. There are two drawbacks that I’ve found with this one.

The first drawback is that the straps are not very breathable. I’ve worn the chest mount on several 17-mile bike rides and the straps get very warm. It’s not that big of a deal, but it might bother some people.

The second drawback is that my kit was missing an attachment that allows the camera to adjust freely on the chest strap. The one attachment that fit forced the camera to only point downwards. I worked around the limitation by combining several of the other extensions that came with the kit, which worked fine, but wasn’t optimal.

Head Harness

The head harness fits nice and snug. There are adjustments to make fit your head either vertically or horizontally. The front of the strap has rubber grips embedded into the stretchy material to prevent it from slipping off of your head/hat/helmet, etc.

Bicycle Mount

The best thing about the bicycle mount is that it’s so easy to install. One screw slides off the side so that you can easily clamp it on or off.

I did not have good luck with this mount. I couldn’t get the mount tight enough to prevent the camera from dropping downwards while I was riding. I got the mount so tight that I think it weakened the plastic because they mount snapped off while I was riding.

The camera hit the ground and ended up in the weeds.

This is a clear indication that the plastic these accessories are made out of are not durable enough for heavy use, which unfortunately is what the GoPro is designed for in most cases.

Wrist Strap Mount

The wrist strap mount is designed to fit most wrist sizes. It also has a velcro strap to really secure it onto your arm. It’s comfortable and feels good.

The wrist strap has a rotating mount so that you can easily turn the camera in whichever direction you prefer. There is also a lock on the mount so that you can lock the camera into place so that it won’t rotate.

I read a review from someone saying that they took the wrist mount out water skiing and the mount broke as soon as they hit the water. The mount popped right out of the wrist strap and they lost their camera in the water. Nothing like that happened to me, but I can totally see how that could happen with this mount.

I bring this up only to get the point across that I wouldn’t use these accessories for extreme sports.

Car Mount

The car mount sticks to your car windshield or any other glass-like material. It has two adjustment knobs so that you adjust the camera either vertically or horizontally.

The biggest drawback to this one is that in can only point forward. You can tilt it left or right, which I think is mostly useless. You can’t rotate it left or right. You probably wouldn’t need to rotate the camera anyway, but something worth mentioning.

My only recommendation for this one is that you should make sure it’s really tight, otherwise the camera will slowly drop like it did while riding my bike. The constant bumps of the road cause this to happen.

The Selfie Stick

The selfie stick extends to about three feet, which is typical for selfie sticks and is all you should need. You can adjust the camera to point in any direction and there’s also a knob so that you can adjust the camera vertically.

A very cool feature of the selfie stick is that it has a screw hole on the bottom, allowing you to mount it directly on top of a tripod without having to remove the camera. It’s too top-heavy to mount it onto the included tripod, though.


This tripod is just like the Gorilla Pod’s you might have seen in stores. I actually own a Gorilla Pod and the one included in this accessories kit doesn’t compare. It’s just not very high quality. It’s decent, though. I’ve used the GoPro on it and it works fine. The legs have rubber tips to keep it from slipping and the legs are also covered in rubber to make it nice and sticky.

I’ve used this tripod hanging from a tree branch, hanging off the edge of my desk, and simply on the ground as a normal tripod. It works very well in all cases.

When I first took this out, one of the legs popped off. It snapped right back into place, but it leads me to believe that the ball connections aren’t super-snug. I haven’t had a problem since, though.

A cool feature of the tripod is that it has a screw mount, which means you can also use it with small pocket cameras if you want.

Clip Mount

I couldn’t think of a lot of ways to use this one, but I tried it out on my skateboard and it worked nicely. I could also be useful on things like the visor in your car or on your laptop lid – anything thin really.

This clip has a very strong spring in it and works great.

The Floating Attachment

The floating attachment is neat because you can use it to record underwater without having to hold it. You can simply drop it in the water and the camera will float under the water near the top of the surface.

This would be mostly useful in a swimming pool I think, or maybe on vacation in a nice clear blue ocean.

Another good reason to use this attachment would be in a case where you’re worried you might drop your camera in any body of water because it would float right to the top of the water, rather than sinking.

The Accessories

The rest of the kit contains a bunch of small accessories. There are several anti-condensation stickers, which I assume go inside of your GoPro case. There’s also a nice lens cloth, some stick pads, a floating sponge, and a bunch of extensions and screws.

The Case

The carrying case is handy, but the compartments inside are pretty useless. The foam that makes up each compartment is very flimsy and slips right out of the case. The case itself though is a nice place to just keep everything.

Final Thoughts

The accessories and mounts in this kit are not made from highly durable plastic, which is why I would not recommend using these mounts in cases where your camera will be in extreme conditions unless you don’t mind a risk of losing a $400 GoPro in the water.

If you use your GoPro camera in casual situations, for example, to record yourself doing something with your hands, playing with the kids, or other activities not too stressful on the plastic, I would absolutely recommend this kit.

For $22, you get quite a lot of stuff. I’m disappointed that it’s not as high quality as I had hoped, but I know I can get a lot of use out of it still. For example, the head strap would be great to make videos in the kitchen or working on the car, the chest strap works great when riding my bike and would probably be fine to use in a 5k or even a mud run, and the selfie stick and tripod would be useful in many situations.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Water Flossing – And a Water Flosser Review!


I received a water flosser at a discounted price in exchange for writing an honest review. I did some research to learn about the benefits of water flossing and wanted to share that with you.

Check out the video below to learn about the 5 things you (probably) didn’t know about water flossing and then check out my review of the Sterline Water Flosser. You can ” target=”_blank”>get the Sterline Water Flosser for $40.99.

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Review of the Manual HealthyJuicer by Lexen

As you might already know based on my most recent posts lately, my fiance purchased a Breville juicer at the beginning of January this year. Juicing was something I’ve never done any research on prior to getting the Breville and when it comes to topics related to health, I become obsessed, and that’s exactly what I did with the topic of juicing. During all of the research I did, I learned an important thing about juicers; that there are centrifugal and masticating juicers and they each work in very different ways.

Basically, a masticating juicer squeezes the juice out of a fruit or veggie, while a centrifugal juicer shreds the produce and spins the pulp away from the juice. After watching a bunch of videos and reading dozens of articles on the differences, the general consensus seems to be that masticating juicers are simply better at juicing. The key main benefits are that they get more juice and the yield is richer.

We didn’t want to get rid of the Breville because we actually like it a whole lot, but I really wanted to give a masticating juicer a try, so I started looking around for something affordable, which eventually led me to the manual HealthyJuicer from Lexen. Everything I could find about this machine was positive so I wanted to test it out, which gave me the idea of contacting the folks at Lexen and seeing if they would be willing to part with one of their awesome HealthyJuicers so that I could do a review. Much to my pleasure, they agreed!

Since the HealthyJuicer is designed as a wheatgrass juicer, and my Breville can’t do wheatgrass, I decided to pick up some wheatgrass from my local health food store. This is another topic I watched a lot of videos on and read plenty of articles about. Wheatgrass seems to be healthy, but I was more worried about the taste. Some of the videos I watched showed people complaining that the wheatgrass tasted like a freshly mown lawn. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy that taste.

So I set up the machine, which was really easy. Now, I could have it up and going in about 20 seconds.

Since the machine is designed for wheatgrass, that’s the first thing I ran through it. I was delighted to find out that wheatgrass juice tastes nothing like a lawn. I’ve heard that bad batches of wheatgrass might have a lawn taste, but good batches are supposed to taste sweet. Luckily, mine must have been a good batch, because it tasted sweet and it was really good. The only bad thing about wheatgrass is that it doesn’t contain much juice, so you sort of need a lot of it to get a good yield.

I liked it so much that I actually decided to buy a wheatgrass grow kit from Amazon to grow my own and to save a little money. That’s my first batch of wheatgrass in the picture below 😀

The HealthyJuicer is designed mostly for leafy greens, but I wanted to put it to the test. It passed with (mostly) flying colors. Since this juicer is manual, I was interested in how tough it would be to crank through some of the harder varieties of produce. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve made lots of juices containing stuff like pears, spinach, apples, celery, kale, beets, apples and carrots.

Sometimes it gets tougher to turn on the hard veggies, for example when putting too many carrots in or when juicing a large kale stem, but it works it’s way through the machine quickly. It’s actually not much more difficult, but the handle seems like it might break if you put too much pressure on it. I’ve been grabbing the handle closer to the base when this happens. To be safe, I would recommend chopping up hard veggies into smaller pieces.

Considering that the manual HealthyJuicer is only $45, I would definitely recommend picking it up or giving them as gifts. I honestly can’t believe that it’s so affordable. To be fair, I haven’t tested any other wheatgrass juicers so I don’t know if the yields this one produces compares, but I can tell you that I’m happy with it. You can buy one from with free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

First Impressions of the New GaiamTV

I just got a free trial of the newly announced GaiamTV service and I wanted to write up a quick review of my first thoughts.

There are tons of videos to pick from in each section. The first day I chose to do a workout from the Fitness Videos section. I sorted the list by Level 3 (the toughest) and the type of workout by ‘Weight Training,’ which pulled up only 3 videos, all from the same workout series, and all which looked very much designed only for women. 🙁

So I decided to un-filter all results and then looked for one that interested me. I chose the Balance Ball: Core Cross Train, because I haven’t used my balance ball in a while.

I had lots of time that morning so I did the entire workout, upper body, abs, and lower body. This video wasn’t designed to do all in one day, since normally a person wouldn’t work out upper body and lower body on the same day, but since each section was short enough, I said “what the hell!” and did ’em all.

As you can see from the picture above, there is a plus sign next to each section so that you can add it to your playlist. I think that’s really cool. For some odd reason though, the videos didn’t appear in my playlist in the same order I added them. They were all jumbled up, so I had to reorder them and then save the playlist order. That’s kinda annoying.

My first workout was the Upper Body workout, which I have to admit was surprisingly difficult. Have you ever done arm circles? If you’ve done P90X, then you have, and you know that after doing them long enough, your shoulders really start to burn and you just can’t wait to put your arms down. Well, that’s what this workout did to my entire upper body.

The legs and abs workouts weren’t as tough, but they were still pretty good. After looking over the videos in GaiamTV and seeing that not many of them were designed for men, I hadn’t expected much, but after doing this workout, I’m actually excited to try out some of the others. I must admit that some of the more ‘aerobic’ style moves feel a little silly, but they are few and far between and I got over it.

Based on my first impressions of GaiamTV, I think it’s a really cool service. So far I’ve only looked at the Fitness Studio section, but there are lots of other sections, such as Yoga Studio, Wellness Center, Films & TV, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Explorations, Environment and Vintage Library. My next stop will be the Yoga Studio and then probably the Wellness Center.