Setting Up a Bicycle Camera Mount

I set up a camera mount on my bike a couple of months ago and I got a chance to use it recently after finally purchasing an SD card for my “flip” style camcorder. I’ve edited the video to include some Dubstep music because it’s what I listen to when riding to work. It helps keep me pumped. Watching this video puts me right back into the ride 🙂

I had planned to record my entire trip to Denver from my home, which is about 14 miles one way, but the camcorder stopped working after about 20 minutes. I think the batteries were running low. I still haven’t checked.

Anyway, you may or may not be able to tell in the speedy version of the video I’ve posted above, but the camera mount didn’t absorb much of the shock from the bike so I’m going to add some more rubber washers. Hopefully that does the trick. If you’re interested in how I did it, check out the Photojojo DIY Bikecam tutorial. It’s real easy and cheap too.

In the future I hope to record more of my rides, at least on the more interesting trails, such as rides up to Golden and near the mountains. There’s so much beauty on the trails that we never get to see when we’re traveling in a car.

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