Fitness Articles of the Week #28 – Mustard Steroids, Fuckarounditis and a Zombie Workout

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Every weekend I publish a recap of the best health and fitness articles I’ve read over the past week. Here are my favorites.

Lift weights, eat mustard, build muscles?

A recent study shows that a specific plant steroid, found in plants such as mustards, has a similar response to anabolic steroids and with minimal side effects. Interesting.

Medical Research and Treatment Information from

Medify is an awesome resource, full of all sorts of medical studies and free abstracts. The search box says to enter a “condition or treatment,” but you can also type things such as “green tea” (I had to type “green-tea” with a dash for some reason) and find related studies. Good stuff.


Another great one from Martin Berkhan. This seems like a rant at first, but it’s actually an extremely informative post about how to make fitness goals and how to design a routine that really works. It’s long, but if you’re doing routines out of a magazine, you should probably read it.

Will a Multivitamin Cover B12 Needs?

If you’re vegan, you need to make sure you’re getting the right amount of B12.

Why Can’t I Get Enough Sleep?

I learned a lot about sleep from this article. I sleep fairly well actually, but I wake up every night to urinate, which according to this article, shouldn’t happen. I’m definitely gonna do some more research.

The Forgotten 4 Hour Body workout revealed

If you need a new awesome routine to try out, this post has it. I’ve done this 4HB workout and I also saw some good results. I only did it for a month before I decide to do a weight loss contest, which had a provided workout that I told myself I would stick to no matter what. I saw great results from that one too. Maybe I should get back to the 4HB workouts now.

DIY Foam Roller Alternatives

Foam rollers aren’t very expensive to begin with, but hey, every penny counts. I’ve been planning on buying one, and probably still will, but I thought this was a cool idea.

The Skinny Vegan’s Guide to Gaining Muscle

Here’s more proof that mass can be gained using a minimalist workout routine and eating vegan. Awesome job. The “vegan fat shake” recipe is great too. I really want to try it. I’ve also been trying to put on weight, and since about May (5 months) I’ve put on about 27 lbs. It’s so hard!

Grocery List of a Pro Triathlete

It’s not all vegan, but if you look at a lot of their favorite foods, it’s almost all natural, whole foods. I don’t know why, but I’ve never used peanut butter as a veggie dip. My family is very vegan-unfriendly and never has dip for us, so I’m gonna take some peanut butter with me to the family get-together this weekend 😀

1200 Calorie Diet

I’ve heard that The Biggest Loser puts a lot of focus on 1200 calorie diets and I’ve always wondered what one looked like. Well, here’s an example. I would starve on that diet! My stomach hurts just thinking about how hungry I’d be.

Doctors are NOT Dietitians

I love the quote from Scott A. Cunneen, MD, FACS. It’s sad, but it’s true. If you need advice about your diet, ask a dietician, not your doctor.

King Creatine: Your Expert Guide To The Sovereign Muscle-Building Supplement

Anyone trying to put on muscle should understand what creatine does and how it can help. This article pretty much sums it up. I buy flavorless creatine and just mix it in to my daily protein shakes.

Watch the Food Matters Movie for Free

I hate linking to Dr. Mercola’s website, because I very much dislike the crazy advice he spreads, but this is an interesting movie that you might find interesting. It’s free to watch until tomorrow. Better get on it!

Do the Zombie Workout: It’ll Leave You Dead Tired

Very creative way to incorporate a workout routine with Halloween!

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