Using an Exercise Ball Instead of a Work Chair

I had an exercise ball that I purchased about a year ago, which I used at work everyday in place of a normal work chair. Sitting on an exercise ball has done wonders for my back. I’ve always had back problems, but sitting on an exercise ball has definitely strengthened the muscles in my lower back and core.

I’ve become so accustomed to it, that I don’t even like sitting in an office chair anymore, something I’ve been doing for the past week after my old ball sprung a leak. The leak was no fault of the manufacturer, but of my carelessness. I rolled the ball under my desk and it caught on a protruding piece of wood which tore the outer layer of the ball. It was only a matter of time before the remaining rubber gave away.

Luckily the leak started as a little hole and didn’t result in a full blown explosion landing me on the floor with a cup of water in my hands. That’s the scenario I had in my head every time I thought about how it would happen.

Anyway, I just got a nice new exercise ball from Gaiam in the mail the other day and it’s so nice that I decided to take it home to use for exercise and bring in my home exercise ball to use at work instead 😀

The Gaiam Total Body Balanceball actually came in a kit which included a latex resistance band and a workout DVD, so I thought it would be fun to watch the video and take pictures of the workout. Check it out below.

[simpleviewer gallery_id=”2″ bgcolor=”ffffff” gallery_width =”100%” gallery_height =”500″]

There are a several workouts on the DVD, all of which are actually a lot of fun. The resistance band that comes in the kit is too light for me, but the workout felt good. A heavier resistance band would intensify the workout quite a bit, so that’s what I’ll use next time.